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  1. 👋 Hi, I am Mykola (~Nik) Heneralov!

  2. ℹ️ Few about me. Briefly, I am a student. I am:

    • a mathematician,
    • a bit programmer,
    • also musician,
    • generally person,
    • and a few other.
  3. 🈺🈚️ 🚀 How to reach me, the src. 🈶

    GitHub: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1. Telegram: @RIP_existing. E-mail: [email protected].

  4. ☄️ Hobbies or field of 🔥interests:

    • studying languages, both
      • foreign (in particular, but not only these: Deutsch and Germany-related; English and generally an international language, and also the varieties of designations at languages; Old Slavonic and other ⰴⱃⰵⰲⱀⰺⰵ ⰺⰾⰺ ⰿⱙⱃⱅⰲⱏⰹⰵ ⱑⰸⱏⰹⰽⰺ; tiếng Việt and other tonal, especially the Australian languages; the other such and Chinese [languages] and Yiddish [also the other Jewish], also the non-verbal languages or tools of speaking, such as Braille),
      • and native (the Slavonic languages);
    • music: playing and listening to qualified music;
    • exceeding the limits of person's need, of personal abilities, and studying the people's behavior, interests, and hobbies;
    • programming, the computer science, and the data eng./the algorithms generally; the concrete languages to code on or/and study them: Haskell, .Net-formed, partially Java, JS, Python;
    • the world's structure: the humanity world, the general world, the people's opinion and behaviors, all. Interested in chess.
  5. ✨ I am simply a perfect object.

⚡️㊙️ Currently and the anytime focusing on all.

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