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Should tag names be in English or in Ukrainian?

AFAIU the options are: Allow English only. Allow both English and Ukrainian tags and remap all of them to one language through tag synonyms. Which one should be primary? Allow Ukrainian only.
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Language of the tags #2

Результат цього обговорення виглядає так, що більшість підтримує ідею мати таги обома мовами (щоб таги однієї мови були посиланнями на / синонімами до тагів іншої мови). Але відповідь з найбільшою ...
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Please add support of cyrillic tags

I know that there are sites that have support for tags that use non-Latin alphabet, for instance Russian.SE (both sites), Japanese.Stackexchange, etc. Could this support be added to this site as ...
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3 answers

Should we prefer singular or plural in tags?

Likewise many sites of StackExchange family (and even the very StackOverflow), we should decide the unified style for tags. Should we prefer singular or plural in tags, in cases where both would make ...