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Can we extend the scope of our site by including support for Ukrainian refugees abroad?

This is essentially what is proposed here (and here, and here). My personal feeling about this proposal is between neutral and positive. Despite this is absolutely not the thing I wanted this site to ...
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What topics can I ask about here? – Our custom help page

Apparently, the scope of the Ukrainian Language Stack Exchange site is not yet clearly defined. Some guidance on the questions that are welcome here can be inferred from the example questions ...
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What our Custom Off-Topic Close Reasons should be?

Background All sites on the SE network have the following fixed close reasons: Duplicate Off-topic because… This question does not appear to be about Ukrainian language, within the scope defined in ...
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Can we broaden the scope of the site beyond linguists, teachers, and students?

Our description says Ukrainian Language Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, teachers and students of the Ukrainian language. This is also the message that pops up when ...
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Are questions about the Rusyn language stuff accepted here?

There is still no concord among linguists if the Rusyn language is a separate East Slavic language or if it is a dialect of Ukrainian. It is obvious that politics plays a great part here, “a language ...
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Can I ask about the cursing?

I want to ask about swearing language in Ukrainian. I've heard that it's overflown with Russian cusses and wanted to ask if there's such a thing as a Ukrainian or, perhaps, West Ukrainian cursing at ...
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Are questions about the etymology of family names on or off topic?

Sometimes there appear questions at Genealogy & Family History.SE asking for etymology of Ukrainian family names: Family name which sounds like сипа? This makes sense to me: by knowing etymology, ...
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Are questions about software support of Ukrainian Cyrillic on or off topic?

Here's one question that caused controversy in comments: What Unicode symbol should be used for Apostrophe? Should questions about software support of Ukrainian Cyrillic script be on-topic? Pro's: ...