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I've been learning Ukrainian for a few months and just realized I don't have any way to "objectively" (of course nothing is really objective, but still) see my progress. I think it would help my motivation if I could see how much better I'm doing - I often feel like I haven't gotten very far even though I suspect I have. Can anyone recommend a good online test I could re-take once in a while to see if I've gotten better?

Preferably one that isn't based on choosing words from a list, or at least the choice is actually difficult (grammatical forms or otherwise similar words rather than just giving you random words to pick from like e.g. Duolingo does) - I speak Polish, so I can often guess a lot if I'm given a sufficiently limited and obvious word-list, and I'd like to be able to see by the test result to what extent I've progressed from guessing things to knowing them.


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Best wishes in and with learning the Ukrainian language! Успіхів (у вивченні української мови), шановна! :-).


In addition, about learning the Ukrainian language for you. You may speak with Ukrainians, it is a good practice, and you may switch your important lines, such as devices languages (if you use devices a lot), to the Ukrainian. Best wishes one more time, і бажаю успіхів Вам у навчанні!


This is very useful application for check your ukrainian level.


My individual record 26996, try to improve it! enter image description here

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