The SE staff has released a rather weak and miserable statement saying it refuses to impose any sanctions against the Muscovian terrorist state of "Russian" "Federation".

The statement could be different if the UA.SE Moderators and prominent users spoke out, but I failed to see any response from they who could impact the situation.

So my questions are:

  • Has there been any response from UA.SE Modeartors team?
  • Have any individual UA.SE users responded in any way?
  • If so, where can I read it?

I carefully read the entire post, its answers and comments. There are posts from RU.SE moderators and prominent 10k+ RU.SE users. There are posts by well-known russian trolls who I fought at Politics.SE (and decided not to continue last year). The only category of people whose posts I failed to find if the prominent Ukrainian users. I think this is not acceptable.

Subjective part.

It's not a secret that I'm not of any high hopes about the current Mod team here. Nevertheless, you Diamond Moderators are the only (semi-)official people out here. There are still people who you can lead by your example. The entire UA.SE community is watching at you and… sees nothing. This has to be changed.

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    I trust you and would for you to become a moderator too.
    – Yola
    Mar 12, 2022 at 12:55

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I can't speak for all of the UkrSE community, I can express only my own opinion. And that may be not the opinion most of UkrSE contributors will agree and/or not the opinion you personally would like to hear. Nevertheless, I'm open to any other opinion — if a collective answer gets composed in this thread in any way and get some upvotes (so I can be sure it represents the opinion of community), I would be happy to represent it on global Meta.

My personal opinion is (in short):

  • Whether any boycott should be applied to Russian visitors or Russian-related subsites — I don't know.
  • Whether Stack Exchange should more explicitly express support to Ukrainians — I would appreciate.

In details:

  1. I am very thankful for military (i.e. volunteers, weapons, etc), refugee-assistance-related and financial support from other countries. Of course, I would be even more thankful if the other countries take even more measures (e.g. their official armies enter the battle and/or NATO closes the sky over Ukraine).

  2. Also I am very thankful for various well-aimed forms of sanctions and boycott against Russia.

  3. However for some of proposed or actual forms of boycott against Russia I have a mixed feeling. Like when one that is unable to bring Hitler to trial starts to torture a Hitler-faced cat instead. One part of me is pleased to observe even such kinds of support. But another part of me thinks that it's not the way a civilized person should act (IMHO, a civilized and brave person should directly enter the battle; but if they for some reason choose to stay away, they still shouldn't do anything that could harm a one having no guilt).

    But I can't say I am against such forms of boycott either. First, I'm not a specialist in this area (I know too little about social psychology or historical precedents; my purely-intuitive feeling “a civilized person shouldn't do that” may be pretty wrong). Second, I don't even imagine how harsh times are waiting for all of us; maybe even non-fully-civilized responses are “a must” in order to defeat absolutely-non-civilized offenses.

    So, for some forms of boycott I prefer to stay neutral. Coursera suspends all content from Russian universities — I honor that. ICANN decides not to revoke .ru, .рф and .su TLDs — I honor that too. Whether Stack Exchange decides to apply or not to apply any boycott to visitors with Russian IPs and/or to Russia-or-Russian-language-related subsites — I think I will respect both decisions. (Sorry if that not the thing you wanted to hear.)

  4. I would greatly appreciate if Stack Exchange changes the look of its subsites to explicitly express its support for Ukrainians. There are multiple proposals for that (e.g. rjmunro's, Sklivvz's, Adám's) with varying implementation details, e.g.: adding text, adding banner, coloring logos into blue-and-yellow; doing that only on Russia-or-Russian-language-related subsites or on all subsites; showing that for all visitors or only to visitors with Russian IPs.

P.S.: Sorry for late response.

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